FAQ - Achi Coin

What is Achi?

Achi is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency based on a Proof of Space (PoSp) and Proof of Time (PoT) consensus algorithm with independent Timelords.

Why have you created Achi?

Ultimately, I have only one grand goal for this project. It is simply The Good of The Mankind.

What are the advantages of Achi in comparison with other PoSp and PoT cryptocurrencies?

- Achi is not managed or controlled by a company or anyone else. It has been launched as open source blockchain and allowed to fly independently and decentralized with community support.
- Achi is the first PoSp and PoT blockchain with independent Timelords which take 0.02% commission of Achi coins for each signed block. Everyone can run their Timelords. This is another way to earn Achi coins and it incetivise 3rd parties to run timelords competitively
- Achi has no pre-farming, it starts from 0.
- There will be 21 billions of Achi coins produced during the next 58.2 years.
- Farmers who join Achi early years are very well incentivised because the blockchain needs security the most at the start. During the next two years there will be 7.78 billions of Achi coins produced.
- Achi plots are incompatible with other PoSp and PoT blockchains.

Can I farm Achi with existing Chia™ plots?

No, you can’t and even don’t waste your time trying to hack it. As already mentioned above Achi plots are incompatible with other PoSp and PoT blockchains. Incompatibility of Achi plots with other blockchains will help Achi to gain maximum decentralization and become an unique cryptocurrency with high long term potential. To speed-up plotting process use special Achi plotter https://github.com/Achi-Coin/achi-plotter.

How many blocks are signed per day?

There are around (3^2)x(2^(3^2))=4608 blocks signed per day.

What is Achi’s emission schedule?

Achi starts with 2^15 coins per 1 signed block. After (2^3)x4608 blocks we have halving. Blockchain will pay 2^14 coins per signed block after the first halving. The second halving will be after next (2^4)x4608 signed blocks. Blockchain will pay 2^13 coins per signed block after the second halving. The third halving will be after next (2^5)x4608 blocks and so on. Overall Achi blockchain will have 2^3=8 halvings. Starting from (2^11)x4608+1 block Achi blockchain will pay (2^7) coins per signed block forever.
Halving will be stopped after around 5.5 years.
There will be 215'285'760 of Achi coins produced every year after 8 halvings.
There will be 21 billions of Achi coins produced over the next 58.2 years.

Do you plan to support Achi project in future?

Sure! There are lots of plans. In the nearest future it is planed to finalize official farming pool for Achi. There are also many other ideas to make Achi even better. Stay tuned!

What is a Timelord?

Timelord is a powerful computer which use Verifiable delay algorithm (VDA) to calculate Proof of Time for Proof of Space. Timelords help Achi network by doing calculations to ensure security of the blockchain. You can run you own Timelord, please read here how to setup it.

Can I use Mad Max plotter for Achi plotting?

Yes, you can. Customised Achi Plotter is created for your convenience, please use this one https://github.com/Achi-Coin/achi-plotter

Why the hell did Achi do such aggressive halving schedule?

I’d say it is not aggressive but elegant! Frankly, I thought most would people understand they waste time and money farming forks with worthless plots compatible with corporate blockchains and would jump on an opportunity to farm a honest blockchain as soon as it is presented itself. Huge farming gold rush was expected after launch and they would be rewarded for that. But it’s not too late to join, there are 7 halvings ahead, for ones who join right now the incentives are still amazing! Do you really must be the Satoshi of Achi? Is being the ArtFortz of Achi not enough for you?

Is it reasonable to compare Achi’s Number of wallets growth or Network space growth with other «reputable» forks?

How can “experts” compare blockchains with incompatible plots vs. fork blockchain based on Chia™ plots? Muhahaha! One has to be really feeble-minded to compare Achi blockchain growth with other shitty blockchains growth. Achi blockchain has unique and expensive plots, Achi’s 1 plot cost 10^n of any other «reputable» fork plots. Don’t forget unique plots provide security to the blockchain while cloned blocks do not.

Why did Sten Achiho plot «significant number» of plots in advanced of launch?

In short - RTFM! It is impossible to launch blockchain without plots. The less plots you have at the start the less would be difficulty of the blockchain. With less difficulty comes less stability of the blockchain and more security risks. You’ll go f$&%ing nuts when you know how many tests have been done to find optimal launch formula. There has to be a good reason why Chia™ launched blockchain using 120 PiB plots. The main reason is blockchain stability and security. They already had way more than enough coins from their ridiculous prefarm. In Achi case it was done in a more honest and smart way. The same blockchain stability was achieved with much lesser number of plots, only 400TB vs. 120PiB. As result Achi has stable blockchain without any failures since launch.

It takes too much time and space on my disks to plot K=32 plots. Why does Achi use K=32 plots?

Tough titty! Cannot take the heat, get off the farm! It is unacceptable to use K<32 due to high risks of attack on the blockchain. Sooner or later there will be cases of such attacks on cloned forks and you will see why K must be at least 32.

Will you pay XXXXX xach for the privilege of Achi being included into list of forks/altcoins/whatever on our website?

Your shitty website will be forgotten by everyone before long, while Achi blockchain will go on forever. So, thank you but no.