Achi is a new and the first truly decentralized cryptocurrency based on a Proof of Space (PoSp) and Proof of Time (PoT) consensus algorithm with independent Timelords and unique K=32 plots.

Achi features zero prefarming and dynamically sized difficulty and block sizes. It provides transactional functionality from get go, it incentivises independent timelords and farmers to secure the blockchain cooperatively. It is not compatible on farming level with existing corporate blockchains. It is coded as how Proof of Space and Proof of Work blockchain should have been done in the first place.

All the free spirted people of the world are invited to join and to move forward together as farmers, timelords, users, and developers. Together we have this opportunity to innovate. Together we can create and maintain the first truly decentralised and independent currency of the word!

My grand goal for this project is simply The Good of The Mankind.

Proof of space & time farmer
Sten Achiho,

Download Achi and start farming!


Download for Ubuntu 20.04



Download for Windows 10



Download for macOS Big Sur


How to get started with Achi?

# First Install Ubuntu 20.04
# Open the terminal and update the package list:
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

# Install Git:
sudo apt install git -y

# Checkout the source and install:
git clone
cd achi-blockchain

. ./activate
achi init

Vires In Numeris

Decentralization, Equality, Freedom & Technology