Almost 50% of achi coins are staked!

Almost 50% of achi coins are staked!

According to Nov’21 Achi Staking Plan Declaration (SPD), we are proud to announce Achi Staking is on!

  • - Total Achi coins emission to date: 6,039,689,215.99 ach

  • - Total Achi coins staked: 2,985,000,000.00 ach

  • - Share of staked Achi coins as percent of emission: 49.42%

Figures above confirm that Achi blockchain provides a long term self-sustaining, fair, and adaptable blockchain, which is designed to go on forever, and it is already accepted as such by the investors.

As it was announced previously, at present stage in the life of Achi blockchain it is important to start supporting long term investors. Below are answers to key questions we get from investors.

Who is Achi Long Term Investor (ALTI)?

Achi long term investors are defined as entities that held minimum 1 million achi as one coin on Achi vanity address of type ‘ach1stake’ at least during whole previous halving period and until the present block. It is extremely important to stake 1 million or more achi as one coin, on ‘ach1stake’ address as system defines staking amounts based on two criteria (‘ach1stake’ address and 1 million granularity coin). There is no limitation how many 1 million achi coins can be staked on one ‘ach1stake’ address, the most important thing is the granularity of the coins which is 1 million achi or more. Exactly 1 million achi is the optimal granularity for staked coins.

Who will get staking subsidies?

All ALTIs will get subsidies starting from block 2,322,432 if funds were not moved during whole previous halving period (e.g.1,142,784 - 2,322,431 blocks). Each ‘ach1stake’ address with 1 million coins or more will participate in subsidies distribution from achi staking rewards.

For example, if 1 million achi as one coin were held on an ‘ach1stake’ address from block 1,142,784 and funds where not moved in any way from it until block 2,322,432, then this ‘stake’ is participating in long term investor subsidy distribution of block 2,322,432.

Staked coin will be excluded from the staking subsidies once staked funds were moved in any way during previous halving period or later.

Thank you all the stakeholders of Achi blockchain and happy staking.