The new Achi with staking is ready!

The new Achi with staking is ready!

Hey Achi Farmers, It is Sten here with an important announcement. The new Achi release 1.1.0 with staking is finally ready! This release is a genuinely new chapter in Achi history.

According to Staking Plan Declaration (SPD) current Achi version provides farmers with a new way of staking. As it was mentioned before, all ALTIs (Achi Long Term Investor) will get subsidies starting from block 2,322,432 if funds were not moved during whole previous halving period (e.g.1,142,784 - 2,322,431 blocks). Each ‘ach1stake’ address with 1 million coins or more will participate in subsidies distribution from achi staking rewards. Starting from height 2,322,432 all blocks from farmers/nodes with previous Achi versions will be rejected by updated Timelords and Nodes. In addition, current Achi release provides security update with checkpoints .

It is strongly recommended to update Achi software to the latest version 1.1.0. You can read how to update Achi here

Happy staking and Happy New Year!