How to verify the checksum of a downloaded file (SHA256)?
A checksum is a sequence of numbers and letters used to verify the authenticity of a data file. If you know the checksum of an original file, you can use a checksum utility to confirm your downloaded file is identical. Depending on what operating system you are using, once you have downloaded the required file you can compute a hash of it. First navigate to the directory of the file you downloaded. Open Terminal and use the following commands:
sha256sum achi-blockchain_1.1.0_amd64.deb
CertUtil -hashfile AchiSetup-1.1.0.exe SHA256
shasum -a 256 Achi-1.1.0.dmg

1.1.0 - Achi new way of staking & Regular security update with checkpoints

Dec, 28 2022
  • Achi for Ubuntu 20.04
    Checksum SHA256: 94da8fe847dd05aceea633183dd952825c76f01061da40215d7bd1b047c62931
  • Achi for Windows
    Checksum SHA256: aa8ef1080e9248326e0d4e8aed4648931992b2a3abd0cb84f0bc2d2950a234d1
  • Achi for macOS
    Checksum SHA256: a043140c84946a3f954ff7d64c6d52a98e9e6ac3dff3f05125c487edaae66d0d

1.0.4 - New ACH ticker, Regular security update, SpendBundle error handler improvement, GUI for Linux

Oct, 15 2021
  • Achi for Ubuntu 20.04
    Checksum SHA256: 2b1274563bf07eb040a046f031e41d585aa91b0304aa588042e50b68b0a1ef7c
  • Achi for Windows
    Checksum SHA256: 5fcf4e6221eb94ce9c718a7f146c974304be32b46ebbcd483fa72547e89eeb11
  • Achi for macOS
    Checksum SHA256: 795c21989aecf83525afd38fe43582909b0193e550e4bf9dcb43ab17166af78d

1.0.3 - Windows release & Security update 1.0

Sep, 16 2021